Specialist Tree Care

Are trees affecting the performance of your antenna or Microwave dishes on a mast. The solution is simple; the trees need to be pruned. 

However, although the solution maybe simple, the sheer height of the trees needs to be dealt with by a specialist Arboricultural company with the expertise and equipment to gain access, carry out the works and dispose of the debris.

To that end, we are delighted to announce a new partnership between UPSHOT UK LTD & CONNICK TREE CARE.

We have chosen to partner with Connick Tree Care because of their excellent reputation with both commercial clients (English Heritage, Royals Parks and many Housing Associations and Local Authorities) as well as residential clients across the South East of England.

This partnership means that we are now able to address the issue when surrounding trees are effecting the performance of your site. Panoramics and LOS Surveys can be carried out pre-pruning in order to assess how much of the tree needs removing and post pans and LOS can also be done to prove the trees have been pruned sufficiently. 

If you would like more information then please feel free to contact us on 01590 670845