Permanent Masts


Upshot UK Ltd can design customised hardware ranging from electro-mechanical units to telecom and radio systems (RF) equipment. Particular consideration is given to environmental aspects such as energy efficiency, EMC and component selection. Documentation and parts lists for BOM’s are supplied.



Development of prototype to large scale manufacture and assembly is performed at our workshops, including appropriate testing. We manufacture from our own designs or customer designs / specifications. We can also offer metalwork manufacture (small components using CNC machinery to large steelwork).



We manufacture and supply permanent RF installations internationally. Installations provide cross site transmission and antenna interfacing. We cover baseband to satellite transmission frequencies including domestic broadcast and mobile phone sites.



Upshot UK Ltd have extensive experience dealing with many types of antennas including small VHFs and HFs, larger towers and satellite dish structures, as well as marine and mobile terminals located on gantries or at ground level.

We can help to specify, supply and install an antenna to meet the client needs. In addition we can arrange and manage the ground works and the supporting infrastructure required to complete the installation. This type of work is typically performed as a turnkey project. 



Working closely with the client we commission our equipment to a pre-agreed statement of work or specification. Throughout the process we provide regular progress updates and periodic sign off.



Dealing with end of life equipment is becoming increasingly important and sometimes difficult to manage. Our de-commissioning process involves informing the authorities where necessary and disposing of old equipment in an environmentally friendly manner, whilst ensuring all relevant laws are adhered to. Where possible we will seek to re-use equipment or materials.

Following dismantling or equipment room clearance we will perform full reparations. This may involve external ground works or interior decorating along with the updating of documentation where necessary.